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The Pain of Others

A short film by Slavisa Drobnjakovic
Based on a true story


In a time and place where therapists, life coaches and spiritual advisers are not commonly found, Mira devotes her time to those in need. Her apartment becomes a revolving door for many distraught and hopeless visitors. But one unexpected guest, a survivor of the Holocaust, is about to challenge her life. 

Pavle Minh recalls the day when he and a group of gypsy musicians were arrested and incarcerated by the Nazis. The Germans smashed all of their instruments, and burnt them in a bonfire. 60 years later, Pavle is still haunted by the memory of the gypsy musicians performing Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville” in the concentration camp.          


What Mira does not understand is the effect this story will have on her son.


Creative Team

Writer / Director – Slavisa Drobnjaković
Cinematography – Aleksandar Mijailović
Editor – Sophia Ralston
Assistant Director– Boris Todorović
Sound Design – Nina Bjelajać
Location Liaison – Ivana Bozić

Foundation IHOS Amsterdam

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